ASTI-ARQ – Advanced Remote Data Acquisition

9 Jul 2018 4:31 PM

The Advanced Remote Data Acquisition unit (arQ) is a data logging solution that currently serves as the controller for the remote monitoring stations such as AWS, ARG, WLMS currently deployed nationwide.


The arQ 2.0 Project aims to continuously improve the advanced remote data acQuisition (arQ™) unit which serves as the brain of the ASTI-developed PhilSensors. The improvements made on arQ™ 2.0 ensures its sustainability, leveraging the already established baseline designs and know-how, and adapting to the ever-increasing number of active IoT devices globally.  

Potential stakeholders of the product are DOST-ASTI technical teams or divisions involved in hardware development, government agencies involved in agriculture and disaster risk reduction management, and private companies and institutions whose lines of business involve data monitoring of remote assets.