Citizen’s Charter

The DOST-Advanced Science and Technology Institute (DOST-ASTI) undertakes activities to further ensure the continuous delivery of efficient service. It implements and maintains a quality management system in conformance with ISO 9001:2015 and sees to it that continuous improvement of the QMS is periodically done.


“We commit to generate relevant, timely, and impactful ICT – and Electronics -based R&D innovations, continually improve the effectiveness of our QMS to meet stakeholders’ requirements, and comply with existing and applicable legal, statutory and regulatory requirements”


  • To implement 12 projects per year aligned with the DOST priority agenda
  • To deliver all projects in accordance with client requirements and planned resources
  • To achieve 90% of the targeted number of partnerships with public and private stakeholders and international organizations
  • To achieve 100% Compliance to Legal and Statutory Requirements
  • To achieve an average rating of at least “Satisfactory” in Customer Satisfaction Survey


PROCEDURES MANUAL (Citizen's Guide to DOST-ASTI's Core Procedures)

ASTI-PM 03-09
Implementation and Delivery of DNS Support Services
ASTI-PM 03-01
Proposal Development and Approval
Implementation and Delivery of R&D Projects or Products
ASTI-PM 03-03
Project Monitoring and Review
ASTI-PM 03-04 Procurement
ASTI-PM 03-08
ASTI-PM 04-02
Customer Satisfaction Measurement
ASTI-PM 04-01
Handling Customer Feedback