Project Technical Specialist I (NLP Engineer)

6 Dec 2021 5:07 PM

Project Technical Specialist I (NLP Engineer)



POSITION TITLE : Project Technical Specialist I


DIVISION:  Computer Software Division
Education : Bachelor’s/College Degree in Engineering, Computer Science, Statistics, IT, Physics, Applied Mathematics or any related course (Master's Degree or PhD is not required but is an advantage)
Experience : At least 1 year experience in building AI models
Training : At least 4 hours relevant training
Eligibility : None required
Other Requirements :
  • Skilled in programming/scripting using Python programming language
  • Skilled in data exploration, analysis, and visualization using Python libraries such as Pandas, NumPy, Matplotlib, Seaborn, Scikit-learn, and other related software libraries
  • Should possess outstanding programming skills in text mining, web scraping, data wrangling, and statistical analysis
  • Should be familiar with statistical language models (n-grams) and neural network-based language models (LSTM and Transformers)
  • Skilled in data cleaning and data preparation methods
  • Knowledgeable in different machine learning techniques (classification, clustering, regression, neural networks, etc.), their advantages and disadvantages, and their implementation in Python libraries such as Scikit-learn, Tensorflow, and Keras
  • Knowledgeable in deep learning techniques and algorithms for computer vision problems. Experience in applications of deep learning to geospatial and remotely sensed data is a big plus.
  • ​Must have technical leadership experience
  • Has good communication skills
  • Must be able to work well with a team, adaptable to circumstances, fast learner, and self-motivated
  • Can work with minimal supervision
  • Must be willing to work in Quezon City
Duties and Responsibilities:

Under general supervision and direction, HE/SHE shall perform the following:

  • Design neural network architectures and programs and train deep learning algorithms
  • Develop Neural Machine Translation models from large corpora
  • Report to the technical leads of the project
  • Communicate with the stakeholders about the data engineering required for the training of the AI models
  • Coordinate with the data engineering team for efficient data processing and AI model development
  • Coordinate with the software engineering team for model deployment, model performance monitoring, and visualization
  • Collaborate with program team members to identify gaps and structure problems as well as to propose solutions and strategies to business challenges.
  • Coordinate with the System Engineering Team for the implementation of the defined machine learning operations system
  • Identify, implement, and evaluate existing processes and software frameworks monitoring and analyzing model performance through time
  • Conduct informative talks regarding the developed and established processes and software tools for machine learning model development and model performance monitoring
  • Write technical documentation about scientific findings during the course of the project implementation
  • Report to work on time.
Application Documents:

Interested applicants should submit a letter of intent addressed to Ms. Joanna G. Syjuco, Chief Science Research Specialist,  Computer Software Division, DOST-Advanced Science and Technology Institute at  cc:

  1. Updated Curriculum Vitae;
  2.  Updated Personal Data Sheet with attached worksheet form (downloadable at the CSC website)
  3. Diploma and TOR;
  4. Certificate's of Employment (if applicable);
  5. Training Certificate's (if applicable)

Only applicants with complete application documents and accomplished Application Form will be processed. To accomplish the Application Form, please go to

As an advocate of the Equal Employment Opportunity Principle (EEOP), the DOST-Advanced Science and Technology Institute encourages and welcomes all applicants regardless of age, religion, political affiliation including persons with a disability, members of indigenous communities, and those from any sexual orientation and gender identities.
APPLICATION DEADLINE: 15 July 2022 (extended)