Technology Licensing Office

Technology Licensing Office

The DOST-ASTI's commercialization activities are led by its Technology Licensing Office. It aims to bridge the DOST-ASTI's technologies and the Filipino people.

About Us

The Technology Licensing Office, or the TLO, is a unit in the DOST-Advanced Science and Technology Institute in charge of the commercialization, licensing, and technology transfer activities of the agency.

More than technology diffusion and transfer, the TLO also spearheads all Intellectual Property (IP) activities of the DOST-ASTI. From the identification and filing of its potential IP assets to their management and utilization, the TLO ensures that the outputs of DOST-ASTI’s research and development initiatives reach its stakeholders through commercialization.


Licensing Technologies


Making the Data Available: Understanding Public Good

Public good, from the word itself, is something for everyone’s consumption such as products or services made available to the people. To determine whether something is a public good, it is expected to have two criteria. First, non-rivalrous, where there is always enough Read More