Mobile Apps

GABAY AR App (BETA Release)

GAbay sa ating BuntaBAY (Guide to our Satellites)

Learn more about the Philippines' Microsatellites through our Augmented Reality App.

**Note: Not all Android devices are suported. For bugs and other comments please write it in our Comments' page.

  • How to Install the APK:
    1. Open your File Manager and go to Downloads
    2. Click and install GABAY_AR_APP.apk
  • Play around with the AR app!
    1. Point your phone camera at any Diwata-1, Diwata-2, or Maya-1 model (2D or 3D) to learn more about the satellites.
    2. Learn more about DOST-ASTI and STAMINA4Space by pointing the camera at their logos.
  • Test out the AR app with these images:
    1. Diwata 1 Image
    2. Diwata 2 Image
    3. Maya 1 Image
    4. ASTI logo
    5. S4S logo