V2X Initiatives for Road Safety (VIROS)

16 Feb 2023 3:07 PM

TheV2X Initiatives for Road Safety (VIROS) Project is pioneer in V2X Research in the Philippines. The pilot tests serve as benchmarks for future explorations, developments, and applications of V2X world-wide. The proposed intelligent traffic controller also serves as valuable contribution towards modernizing traffic infrastructure in the country.



The VIROS Project aims to design and develop an intelligent traffic controller unit with wireless communication capability. The intelligent traffic controller can gather and assess traffic conditions, undertake data-driven traffic control, and communicate these traffic conditions to road-users. For its pilot implementation, the application of the technology is intended to aid traffic management and improve overall road safety and driver decision making while traversing the roads.  
Using AI-based methods in computer vision, the intelligent traffic controller can analyze traffic statistics such as vehicle recognition and vehicle flow rate, assess traffic condition, and direct traffic. The traffic information are then communicated by these controllers wirelessly to vehicle drivers, pedestrians, and other road-users through Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X).   



DOST-ASTI and the University of the Philippines – Department of Computer Science (UP-DCS) as co-implementing agencies of the VIROS Project, signs a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA). 


Project Staff

Peter Antonio B. Banzon - Project Leader

Philip Martinez - PS Level 2

Ramon Vann Cleff B. Raro -  Team/Technical Lead

Miguel D. Asido- Technical Staff/Data Driven Design

Kent Jasper S. Capillo - Technical Staff/Wireless

Ruel Mark D. Cadubla - Project Manager/ Hardware

Josephine A. Nagamos  - Project Admin Assistant

Lina Gravidez - Support Staff