18 Mar 2021 12:01 PM

Kooha is a newly developed photo sharing application which was coined from the Filipino word “kuha” which means to take or capture. This app enables real-time participatory photo and sensor data collection using mobile devices. These data are then used to draw out insights and generate new knowledge and technologies that can be used across sectors.




The Kooha Project developed a cost-effective mobile application that enables real-time participatory photo and sensor data collection using smartphones and mobile devices. Photos captured and shared via Kooha is embedded with data (sound level, light, network signal, motion acceleration, gravity, weather data, etc.) collected through built-in sensors on the user's mobile devices. This can be a rich source of data that can be used for generating models, data analytics, or predictive and prescriptive capabilities.

Currently, there is a public website and Android mobile application downloadable in the Google Play Store.


 Kooha Facebook Page   Kooha Tiktok




This study aims to:

  1. Carve out a niche for big data generation using available sensors in smartphones and external sensor devices;
  2. Develop an online social network of students, enthusiasts, researchers, and citizen scientists built on the concept of sharing and mapping contributions of photographs and sensor data across the globe;
  3. Empower the general public to contribute data to the scientific community; and
  4. Provide a medium for data scientists, researchers, and citizen scientists to make use of big data generated by the Kooha application


Potential Industry Partners/Adopters


Potential sectors and users of the data generated through the Kooha application are the transportation and telecommunication companies, environment and health institutions, business sectors, research institutions, policymakers, local government units, and academe.


Project Staff


Project Management Team

Joanna G. Syjuco

Division Chief (Chief Science Research Specialist)

Vanessa O. Osiana

Project Manager (Science Research Specialist II)

Jean Carla P. Maningat

Project Administrative Assistant I (Project Administrative Assistant I)


Project Technical Team

Roxanne S. Aviñante

Project Team Leader (Senior Science Research Specialist)

Michelle P. Neverida

Lead Business Analyst (Science Research Specialist II)

John Kevin C. Abonita

Lead Software Quality Engineer (Science Research Specialist I)

Carl Vincent V. Basabe

System Administrator (Science Research Specialist I)

Lyca Jay Bersola

Business Analyst (Project Technical Specialist I)

Renz Carlo A. Salanga

Lead Mobile Application Developer (Project Technical Assistant VI)

Charl Henley Q. Avila

Mobile Application Developer (Project Technical Assistant III)

D’Artagnan S. Gerano Jr.

Mobile Application Tester (Project Technical Specialist I)

Pejman D. Rivera

Web Application Developer (Project Technical Assistant V)

Janine P. Santos

Web Application Tester (Project Technical Assistant IV)


Potential Industry Partners/Adopters


Project Management

Joanna G. Syjuco

Division Chief

Vanessa O. Osiana

Project Manager


Technical Team

Roxanna S. Aviñante

Team Leader

Elson M. Crisologo Jr.

Team Leader



Michelle P. Neverida

Business Analyst

Rother Jay B. Copino

Mobile App Developer

John Kevin C. Abonita

Mobile App Developer/Graphic Artist

Argio Nikko T. Yorobe

Mobile App Developer

D'artagnan Gerano Jr.

Software Tester

Frank Sarte

Front-End Web Developer



Meet Luna! Kooha’s official mascot!


Luna will accompany us throughout our journey as we become a citizen scientist!