DataProtect: Protecting Data Using Blockchain Technology

18 Dec 2023 1:21 PM

The DataProtect project is dedicated to decentralizing user privacy by establishing a straightforward data-sharing framework for applications and services, leveraging blockchain technology to safeguard personal data. The adoption of blockchain ensures that users have ownership and control over their personal data, fosters transparency regarding data collection, and allows users to grant specific services permission to access their data. The project's primary focus is to address concerns related to privacy in terms of data ownership, transparency, auditability, and fine-grained access control over personal data shared with various services.


About DataProtect

We specifically concentrate on utilizing blockchain technology to fortify the protection of personal data. Described as a data structure that secures transactional records with attributes of security, transparency, and decentralization, blockchain becomes instrumental in our approach. We harness the data streams feature of an open-source blockchain platform to construct an identity database on the blockchain. Blockchain streams empower the blockchain to function as a versatile, append-only database, providing crucial functionalities such as timestamping, notarization, and immutability. 

The acronym SIERRA, standing for "Self-sovereign Identity Empowerment: Reinventing Rights and Attributes," serves as a poignant representation of the project's core focus. It underscores the principles of self-sovereign identity and empowerment, both integral to our mission. SIERRA is designated as the product name for this project. 

The outcomes of this study have the potential to revolutionize the use of blockchain technology in the development of web and mobile applications, specifically addressing privacy concerns related to the sharing and utilization of high-resolution personal data by third-party services. 



General Objectives:  

  • To develop a system using an open-source blockchain platform for access control and to demonstrate how to selectively reveal data on a blockchain by using cryptography to protect personal data 
  • To carry out and enable state-of-the-art research in blockchain technology and develop relevant applications and introduce new projects in this area 
  • To conduct capacity building for researchers and technology adopters in blockchain technology and related research areas 
  • To push the widespread adoption of the technology generated from this research, starting from applications developed by DOST-ASTI (Advanced Science and Technology Institute) and consequently, to services offered by government institutions, private sectors, or academe that involves personal data.  

Specific Objectives:   

  • To demonstrate that a user has full control of his/her personal data and other sensitive data stored in a blockchain 
  • To show that the stream feature of the blockchain will enable the user to share his/her personal data in a secure transaction or service 
  • To improve the existing permissions in mobile applications – access-control policies will be securely stored on a blockchain, where only the user is allowed to change them.   


Project Staff

Project Technical Team

Roxanne S. Aviñante - Project Leader, Senior Science Research Specialist 

Michelle P. Neverida - Lead Business Analyst, Science Research Specialist II 

John Kevin C. Abonita - Lead Software Quality Engineer, Science Research Specialist II 

Marc Jerome T. Tulali - Blockchain Developer


Project Management Team

Joanna G. Syjuco - Division Chief, 

Vanesa O. Osiana - Division Project Manager, CSD

Jean Carla P. Maningat - Project Manager


Project Team

Pejman D. Rivera - Full-Stack Web Application Developer

Micaiah V. Alban - Software Quality Engineer

Nickjohn Y. IbuyatBusiness Analyst

Rodolf E. EsguerraSystem Administrator