Uploading an Article: Guidelines

26 Feb 2019 11:39 AM


All writers are hereby requested to follow these following guidelines before uploading [your] articles on the website:

  1. Write/ put your ready-to-edit articles on Microsoft Word Online or Google Document with corresponding Title (on the title tab of the online document) and photos you wish to insert in the article
    • Title/s of the articles are subject to be edited/revised as deemed necessary
    • In an effort to minimize the media upload on the website, all photos that the writer wishes to include in the article are subject for approval; hero pic/s (guidelines below) are most needed. Please upload a maximum of 8-10 images for every article.
  2. Send the link of your draft to corpcomm@asti.dost.gov.ph
  3.  Wait for the confirmation response that your article is ready for uploading on the website
    • Please note that most of the writers' role is set to Writer I so you can only save the article as Draft.
  4. Lastly, send another message to Corp Comm (same  thread) that you have already saved your article on the website
  5. Publication of articles is subject to Corp Comm's schedule discretion

Article Guidelines

In order to standardize how articles are written and published especially for online articles, DOST-ASTI's Corporate Communication Unit came up with article guidelines/style guide for writers' reference.  Please follow the guidelines below for creating your articles:

Article Title Headline

  • Use title capitalization only for nouns and small capitalization for verbs and other parts of the title/headline, i.e.
    • Instead of
      • DOST-ASTI Ground Receiving Station Antenna Capped With Radome
    • Use
      • DOST-ASTI Ground Receiving Station Antenna capped with Radome


  • Add the breadcrumb widget
  • Steps:
    • Click the wrench icon on the main content panel/ live editor
      • On the "row styles", click "Attributes"
      • Then insert "textcontent" on the "Row Class"
      • On the bottom right, click "Done"
    • Go back to the main content panel/live editor
      • On the top left part, click the "gear button"
      • Select "Breadcrumb NavXT"
      • On the Breadcrumb NavXT widget, change the "Output trail as "Plain"
      • On the bottom right, click "Done
    • On the widgets panel, drag the "Breadcrumb NavXT" to the top, ideally (and usually) before the SiteOrigin Editor widget
    • MAKE SURE TO REMOVE ALL the "textcontent" found on the Widget Styles--> Attributes --> Widget Class on other widgets (specifically in the SiteOrigin Editor and Breadcrumb)

Hero Pic

  • Upload/insert a hero pic/image as the first element of the article, before any article text.
    • Depending on the nature of the article, writers can also put a headline content before the hero pic. This is subject to CorpComm's consideration/perception.
  • The hero pic should be representative of what the article is about.

DOST-ASTI and other acronyms

R&D Project


Opening Pages / Browser Tabs

  • The above browser page opening guide is to maximize the time visitors spend in our site by keeping open the original browser tab they used to open a DOST-ASTI article/page.


To the authors of the articles created and published before the launch of the new DOST-ASTI website (WordPress version) last December 2018 kindly edit/revise the articles to conform to the above guidelines.