Webinar on Data Science discusses potential Agriculture and Disaster Preparedness Applications

23 Sep 2020 10:17 AM

Sample processed image for landslide mapping in Makilala, Cotabato

The Cordillera Industry and Energy Research and Development Consortium (CIERDEC) and the DOST Cordillera Administrative Region (DOST-CAR), in partnership with the DOST-Advanced Science and Technology Institute (DOST-ASTI), held the Introduction to Data Science and its Application to Agriculture and DRRM online session last August 26. The session aims to serve as a crash course introducing data science and other related projects and services to Cordillera-based researchers, disaster management officers and managers, program and project managers, agriculturists, and planners – to name a few.

Data Science Basics

DOST-ASTI Senior Science Research Specialist Elmer Peramo gave guests an introduction to data science and its applications.

Mr. Elmer Peramo on data science basics, giving guests an introduction to big data

The talk dives into data science basics, such as the various jargons and terminologies often used within the field. Guests were given a quick but elaborate discussion on the data mining process, data exploration, tools, methodologies, models, analyses, and machine learning and predictive modeling for beginners.

In line with this, participants were also given time for a question and answer portion with the speaker and organizers, where they asked questions about other potential learning opportunities that would allow them to go hands on with data science, as well as other inquiries on software applications and tools that can be used.

Data Science for Agriculture and Disaster Management

After talking about the basics of data science, DOST-ASTI Senior Science Research Specialist Roel De La Cruz led guests to a more complex discussion on AI and satellite image outputs for agriculture and disaster management.

Engr. Roel De La Cruz on data science applications and the current program framework in DOST-ASTI

With a run through on each part of the information gathering process, the speaker was able to give guests a peek on how the DOST-ASTI team works – from gathering earth observation data, to object detection, to time-series analysis, to the actual production of maps for DRRM (e.g. landslide mapping, drought monitoring) and agriculture operations (e.g. sugarcane mapping, tree detection). 

As it continues to push for further R&D innovations across the region, CIERDEC and DOST-CAR are among the various organizations currently working with the DOST-ASTI in the continuous fostering of knowledge through webinars and other online initiatives that keep the research community growing despite the new normal.