SEC Philippines officially kicks off 2022 Investor Protection Week

7 Nov 2022 11:30 AM

"2022 Investor Protection Week" Official Banner from SEC Philippines


It’s Investor Protection Week!

This is according to Proclamation No. 846 which declares the second week of November each year as Investor Protection Week or IPW.

This Proclamation was issued in accordance with:

  1. Section 2, Chapter I of Republic Act No. 8799, otherwise known as the “Securities Regulation Code,” declares it a policy of the State to protect investors, ensure full and fair disclosure about securities, and minimize if not eliminate insider trading and other fraudulent or manipulative devices and practices, which create distortions in the free market; and

  2. Section 179, Title XVII of Republic Act No. 11232, otherwise known as the “Revised Corporation Code,” provides the SEC the power and authority to exercise supervision over all corporations and persons acting on their behalf, promote the protection of investors, and to prevent imminent fraud or injury to the investing public.

The declaration was signed by then-President Rodrigo Duterte on 15 November 2019.

You can also attend the webinars and other events that will take place during the IPW celebration, as outlined in the program below:

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