Public Sector BPM Implementation Highlighted during ASTI Virtual Forum

25 Nov 2020 2:00 PM

25 November 2020 – The DOST Advanced Science and Technology Institute conducted a webinar on the implementation of Business Process Management (BPM) concepts, standards, and strategies in the public sector.

This webinar aims to provide relevant insights into the implementation of BPM in a public sector setting. It explained the different principles, methods, and tools that will provide better process execution, experience, and monitoring. It also discussed an underlying foundation which includes process automation, with the goal of fitting every sector’s uniqueness and ensuring a long-term approach to business process needs.

Mr.  Paul John M. Serrano and Ms. Jesica F. Pasos from the DOST-ASTI talked about this in detail during the webinar, together with a portion on capacity and capability building on BPM.

Mr. Serrano, with his expertise in software development and management, discussed the current landscape and importance of BPM in the government. He also tackled a few case studies on the topic which paved the way to showcase current initiatives and challenges in BPM.

“Every effective and efficient process and design [should] aim to deliver something valuable at the very end with reduced resources – such as budget and time,” says Mr. Serrano. “Business process solutions [should be] continuously explored, [such as] adapting the concept and practices of proper business process handling that are useful and convenient."

Ms. Pasos, who is currently leading the conceptualization, design, development and implementation of BPM at the DOST-ASTI, discussed capacity and capability building on BPM. This topic was broken down into assessment of skills, availability of resources, and industry and academe support.

“Providing better public service must be inherent. The government process management in BPM techniques and strategies must be realized and implemented,” says Ms. Pasos. "The implementation of BPM concepts guides the performances of day-to-day processes, and also helps [establish] better process execution.”

The Business Process Management (BPM) in the Government webinar is only one of first of the DOST-ASTI's multiple virtual events lined up in celebration of the 2020 National Science & Technology Week (NSTW).

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