Upgrade of ASTI ARQ (Advanced Remote Data Acquisition unit) Datalogger

10 Jul 2018 2:18 PM
By Gerald Sy

Upgrade of ASTI ARQ (Advanced Remote Data Acquisition unit) Datalogger The arQ is a data logging solution that currently serves as the controller for the remote monitoring stations such as AWS, ARG, WLMS currently deployed nationwide. It is a customizable datalogging solution that can be configured to fit customer requirements. It primarily uses SMS for telemetry but can also be configured to accommodate other communication facilities such as satellite, GPRS, and others. Aside from the roughly 1,500 stations nationwide, the arQ has also been used as a datalogging equipment for various stations used by LGUs, academic institutions and private companies. To date, arQ is for licensing. It is the first DOST product to acquire approval of the Fairness Opinion Board (FOB) after undergoing evaluation as required by RA10055 prior to commercialization of government-funded product development.

STATUS                       Completed
TARGET BENEFICIARY:  Local Government Units
Academic Institutions
Private Companies in need of Telemetry and data logginng solutiom