The Technology Transfer and Commercialization Procedure

5 Jul 2018 5:44 PM

The TLO is looking for partners to bring the DOST-ASTI's technologies closer to the Filipino people. Here is what it takes to make that possible:

1. DOST-ASTI will showcase technologies through marketing collaterals, stakeholders’ meetings and other dissemination activities.

2. A letter of interest (LOI) will be submitted by the interested manufacturer /adoptor /business organization to the TLO to signify its formal interest to commercialize, manufacture, or distribute it to the public. An initial meeting will be conducted to discuss the details of the letter of intent.

3. Qualifications of the adoptor will be assessed through consultative meetings, inspection of facilities, and a technology needs assessment to check if prospective adoptor will meet the needs of DOST-ASTI in reproducing its technologies. Submission of the following pertinent legal documents will also be required which may include, but are not limited to:

  • Company profile, nature of business/organization, and its financial documents.
  • Registration certificate from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) for sole proprietorship, or Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) for cooperatives, or any proof of registration.
  • Documents pertaining to the details previously served clients or project partners, including the details of projects.
  • Conduct an inspection of facilities and a technology needs assessment to validate the capability of the prospective adoptor in reproducing the DOST-ASTI technology/technologies.

4. Negotiation and Term Sheet will be signed by both parties. Transfer details, responsibilities of the adoptor and DOST-ASTI, and other details of the commercialization procedure such as cost, limitations, and other items will be indicated in the terms of reference.

5. A Non-Disclosure Agreement will then be prepared by DOST-ASTI and signed by all people who will have knowledge of the technology details.

6. A Technology Licensing Agreement (TLA) will then be prepared and presented to the prospective adoptors for their pre-approval.

7. Submission of the TLA to the Fairness Opinion Board will be done in order to assess the fairness of the commercial contents of the TLA. Upon the board’s approval, a fairness opinion report will be issued to the TLO.

8. Signing of the TLA and its execution will complete the process of technology transfer procedure. The technology may now be reproduced for public use.