Dr. Franz A. de Leon took oath as the ninth Director for DOST-ASTI

23 Apr 2021 9:48 AM

DOST Secretary Fortunato T. De La Peña administering the oath of office to DOST-ASTI Director Franz A. De Leon, Ph.D., on 15 April 2021. (Click the photo to see the video of Dr. de Leon's oath-taking)

On April 15, 2021, a new director for DOST Advanced Science and Technology Institute (DOST-ASTI), Dr. Franz Asunta de Leon, took an oath to office and will now be leading in the implementation of programs and projects in DOST-ASTI in the field of ICT, microelectronics, and space technology.

During his oath-taking ceremony, the Secretary of the Department of Science and Technology gave a message to the ninth director of DOST-ASTI,

"I wish to congratulate Dr. Franz Asunta de Leon on his appointment and on his assumption as Director of the Advanced Scienced Technology Institute or ASTI of the Department of Science and Technology... The field that has been assigned to ASTI is something that will really transform the Philippines, and so we expect a lot of innovations and transformations that will come out of ASTI I count on ASTI to contribute not only to new knowledge generation, to new technology generation, but towards the support for more commercial technologies that will boost our initiatives towards being competitive in the region. "

One of Dr. de Leon's immediate plans for DOST-ASTI is to invest in its human resources. As an educator, he wants the DOST-ASTI staff to increase their competency in being knowledgeable and ready for new generation technologies. He believes that the potential of an R&D institution like DOST-ASTI in generating innovative solutions relies heavily on the competence of its staff. For Director de Leon, postgraduate education must be increased to the majority as this instills the proper attitude and tools for scientists to identify and address research gaps.

Prior to his appointment as director for DOST-ASTI, he is a part of the faculty of UP - Electrical and Electronics Engineering Institute (UP-EEEI) as an Associate Professor. Dr. de Leon has a background in the field of electronics, communications, and electrical engineering with interests in digital signal processing for audio and communications. He was also a project leader for the collaborative project between DOST-ASTI and UPD-EEEI on the Development of a Philippine Indigenous Instrument Sounds Database, also known as KATUNOG or KAlipunan ng KaTUtubong TuNOG.