DOST-ASTI signs Research Collab using AI4EO tech with LLDA, LiWaD

17 Nov 2021 2:25 PM

DOST-ASTI signs Research Collab using AI4EO tech with LLDA, LiWaD

Diliman, Quezon City –

Continuing its AI4EO initiative, the DOST Advanced Science and Technology Institute (DOST-ASTI), through the DATOS ProjectPEDRO Center, and SARwAIS Project, has signed two separate memoranda of agreement with the Laguna Lake Development Authority (LLDA) and Libmanan Water District (LiWaD), respectively.  

Attended by General Manager Joey Medina, along with LLDA’s Board Members and workforce, the MOA signing between the DOST-ASTI and LLDA was held on 19 October 2021. The agreement is for the implementation and operationalization of the Artificial Intelligence for Land and Water Applications in Laguna de Bay Region, or what is now coined as the AI4LaWa Project. 

AI4LaWa aims to use the AI-developed mapping technology focusing on the preservation of watersheds like those draining to Laguna de bay, the largest inland waterbody in the country. Through this technology, both agencies hope to develop a monitoring system that uses temporal satellite images to map aquaculture structures in Laguna Lake, and detect changes through time. Through analysis of temporal landcover, decision-makers can formulate science-based programs to help protect these watersheds and consequently, help manage the preservation and maintenance of the bay. 

On the other hand, the MOA signing activity with Libmanan Water District was held the following week. The agreement is also set to implement and operationalize the Artificial Intelligence for Libmanan Water District Project, or what is now called as AI4LiWa.  

The event was also attended by LiWaD’s General Manager Rodolfo Jimenez and their Board of Directors.  

The DATOS team has already trained some personnel of LiWaD on how to utilize DOST-ASTI's HPC facility, and even on how to use the AI mapping technology. The signing of the MOA officially sealed the agencies’ cooperation in pushing through the development of GIS-based monitoring system for watersheds.  

The DOST-ASTI hopes that through these collaborations, the institute can release a tool for other local water districts to monitor and protect their own watersheds to ensure the continuous supply of domestic water for generations to come. In securing our watersheds, we are also protecting the environment. 

The DOST-ASTI and other partner agencies have been reaping the hard work of our scientists and engineers for a better science and technology community for the Filipino people. We work to continue making our presence known in diverse fields and markets. 

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