DOST-ASTI signs MOU w/ Busan IT Industry Promotion Agency

27 Oct 2023 5:08 PM

Quezon City, Ph -- The Advanced Science and Technology Institute of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST-ASTI) signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Busan IT Industry Promotion Agency.

The MOU aims to establish a cooperative relationship through strategic business alliances for the sake of accomplishing the content supply business by taking advantage of the available network in Korea particularly those under the BIPA and DOST-ASTI.

Signed in person by DOST-ASTI Director Dr. Franz De Leon and BIPA Vice President Mr. Jun Soo Kim, the ceremonial MOU signing involved exchanges of agency interests, services, projects, and initiatives that could potentially be explored by both parties for research and development purposes.

In his welcome remarks, Dr. De Leon said that DOST-ASTI has always promoted and valued international partnerships as part of the agency’s mandate.

“Through partnerships like the one we are formalizing today, we can collectively address the most pressing challenges and create opportunities for shared success,” he said. He also highlighted the immense potential and the exciting roadmap that the partnership will pave for DOST-ASTI.

“Among our planned initiatives, we are venturing into the realms of Extended Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, and Augmented Reality. These technologies represent the future—a future of boundless possibilities, pushing the boundaries of our ALaM, SAGAP, and SARwAIS projects. They are the digital canvases upon which we will paint for the future of the agency,” he added.

Other areas of cooperation include engaging in building public awareness and effective networks of key stakeholders and interested parties in ICT convergence, as

well as cooperating in building inclusive sophisticated educational programs to increase both digital literacy and enhance the advanced knowledge of digital professionals for the development of the ICT convergence industry in the Philippines and the Republic of Korea.

Engr. Alvin E. Retamar, the Chief Science Research Specialist of the Solutions and Services Engineering Division of DOST-ASTI presented the projects and services of DOST-ASTI especially on space science and technology and interconnectivity, followed by Ms. Joanna Syjuco, Chief Science Research Specialist of DOST-ASTI's Computer Software Division presenting the services offered by the division.

In her closing remarks, Ms. Syjuco said that this MOU will not merely be pieces of paper. “Through this partnership, we will be able to further harness the power of technology, research, and collaboration to address not only challenges but also opportunities to help bridge the information technology gap that we have long been aiming for,” she ended after she expressed her gratitude to the guests from BIPA.

About DOST-ASTI's International Partnerships

As the premier agency for R&D in ICT, microelectronics, and space technology within the Department of Science and Technology, DOST-ASTI has a rich history of leading research and development activities in these domains. The agency has been at the forefront of innovation, as well as moving beyond technological feats and possibilities.

This MOU represents our continued dedication to pioneering breakthroughs, sharing knowledge, and fostering international relations in these critical areas of technology.

DOST-ASTI's partnership opportunities are as diverse as the technologies we aim to explore. They encompass joint research efforts, capacity-building programs, technical exchanges, and so much more.

Together with BIPA and all of our international partners, we will be at the forefront of innovation and pioneering solutions that will benefit not only our organizations but also the global community that we aim to serve.