DOST-ASTI is a Kampeon ng Lawa Awardee on World Water Day 2023

24 Mar 2023 12:09 PM

Pasay City, Ph – The DOST- Advanced Science and Technology Institute is one of the three awardees for the Kampeon ng Lawa Award vested by the Laguna Lake Development Authority (LLDA) during the World Water Day Philippines Awards 2023 conducted in SMX Convention Center, Pasay City on 22 March 2023. 

As culminating event for the country’s celebration of World Water Day with the theme “Accelerating Change through Partnership and Cooperation,” the LLDA in collaboration with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, National Water Resources Board, and Maynilad Water Services, Inc., sought to recognize and acknowledge the water environment and water industry champions and top performing individuals, organizations, and community influencers for various efforts that inspire and address water issues and promote sustainable development. 

The Kampeon ng Lawa Award given to DOST-ASTI is a recognition of the agency’s efforts in promoting the sustainable development of Laguna Lake. 

Since the signing of the Memorandum of Agreement between DOST-ASTI and LLDA last 19 October 2021, both agencies have been coordinating and working closely in validating the accuracy and acceptability of processed map outputs within the Laguna de Bay jurisdiction for distribution. 

Coined as the AI4LaWa or the Artificial Intelligence for Land and Water Applications in Laguna de Bay Region Project, DOST-ASTI and LLDA work together for research collaboration and consultancy using AI and earth observation data.  AI4LaWa aims to use the AI-developed mapping technology focusing on the preservation of watersheds like those draining to Laguna de bay, the largest inland water body in the country.

Through this technology, both agencies hope to develop a monitoring system that uses temporal satellite images to map aquaculture structures in Laguna Lake and detect changes through time. Through analysis of temporal landcover, decision-makers can formulate science-based programs to help protect these watersheds and consequently, help manage the preservation and maintenance of the bay.   

Also with three iterations of the AI4LaWa Training series which did not stop even during the pandemic, DOST-ASTI has trained LLDA personnel on how to utilize the agency's high-performance computing facility as well as how to use the AI mapping technology. 

“We hoped that through the collaboration with LLDA, the institute can release a tool for other local water districts to monitor and protect their own watersheds to ensure the continuous supply of domestic water for generations to come. Indeed, we have expanded this very same effort even up to Libmanan Water District in Camarines Sur,” said DOST-ASTI Director Franz A. De Leon. 

He added that in securing our watersheds, we are also protecting the environment.  

“We hope to work with more mandated agencies in the future using not only the AI4Mapping technology, but also with various efforts that DOST-ASTI has to offer from Robotics, Advanced Connectivity, and even the Future of Mobility. We hope to be at the forefront of local R&D initiatives with you,” he ended. 


 About DOST-ASTI's AI4Mapping Technology 

Building on the Artificial Intelligence for Earth Observation or AI4EO initiative of the DATOS Project, DOST-ASTI operationalized the AI4Mapping initiative as well as the SARwAIS Project to continue the efforts of integrating past and ongoing DOST-supported projects and related initiatives on disaster mitigation and resource monitoring. 

DOST-ASTI provides remote sensing and data science applications support to critical activities on disaster mitigation, analysis, and advice through people services such as consultations and a series of capacity-building activities. 

With the vast application of this technology, it is now being used for agricultural plantation mapping, crop mapping, flood mapping, and watershed monitoring, among other resource mapping and monitoring applications like AI4LaWa.