DOST-ASTI Hosts Balik Scientist’s Exit Report Presentation

14 Feb 2018 11:47 AM

The DOST-Advanced Science and Technology Institute (DOST-ASTI) in partnership with the Balik Scientist Program hosted the exit report presentation of Balik Scientist Jose Ildefonso U. Rubrico, Ph.D. on 14 February 2018 at the DOST-ASTI Training Room.  The event was attended by science researchers and staff from various DOST agencies and local academic institutions.

Dr. Rubrico is a beneficiary of the Balik Scientist program and has a short stint with the agency through the ASTI Labeling Machine (ALaM) project which focused on the development and implementation of a prototype image classifier using existing map layers. This labeled images may then be used to address disaster management, hazard mapping, road management or urban planning, and other national concerns.

ALaM classify and label the captured satellite images under four categories: urban, trees, agriculture, and water. With the conception of ALaM, there are now workstations that can process the imagery and produce information out of the raw data for used for other applications.

Dr. Rubrico also managed and facilitated a core AI/ML group, assessed CoARE Project during his stint in the agency.

The DOST Balik Scientist program is a program encouraging Filipino scientist to come home and share their expertise in the field of science and technology.