CONNECT2SEA Cybersecurity Forum: International Collaboration for a Safer World

26 Jan 2016 1:43 PM

The Cybersecurity Forum "International Collaboration for a Safer World" was organized by the Department of Science and Technology-Advanced Science and Technology Institute (DOST-ASTI) and Foundation for Research and Technology Hellas, Institute of Computer Science (FORTH) in Manila, Philippines on January 26, 2016, as one of the co located events of the Asia Pacific Advanced Network (APAN) meetings. The forum aimed to gather Asian and European researchers and ICT policy makers to discuss and exchange ideas and experiences on cybersecurity initiatives in various countries. Around 100 participants took part in the event coming from the South East Asian regions including Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. While countries from Europe, France, Germany, Greece, the Netherlands, and also United Kingdom participated in the said activity.

The forum was opened by Mr. Rene C. Mendoza, chief of the Knowledge Management Division and technical team leader of DOST-ASTI for the Connecting ICT in Europe and South East Asia (CONNECT2SEA) project. His opening remarks were followed by an inspirational talk given by Director Alex Lim, head of the Science and Technology Division, Cross-Sectoral Cooperation Directorate, Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) Secretariat. His speech included the value of International Cooperation for Development and collaborative initiatives on Science and Technology, to promote economic growth between different regions and other important EU-SEA collaboration milestones. Dr. Lim’s speech was then followed by a presentation about the CONNECT2SEA project which was given by Mrs. Svetlana Klessova, project coordinator and Director of Inno, TSD.


Other speakers of the event focused on several topics such as national projects implemented in various countries in ASEAN, research trends of cybersecurity in Germany, EU systems security road map, lessons learned and case studies in the industry, and the CONNECT2SEA cybersecurity roadmap which focused on priorities of policy, actions on cybersecurity in EU and SEA. Apart from these presentations, a guest speaker from the Ideal-ist Network provided information on European funding opportunities for EU and SEA collaboration under the Horizon2020 programme calls, particularly on the topic of cybersecurity. The day was concluded with a Knowledge Management activity, “World Cafe” which was lead by CONNECT2SEA partners, Dr. Sotiris Ioannidis of FORTH, Ms. Maria Irene Amatorio of DOST-ASTI, and Ms. Sri Saraswati W. Wardhani of BPPT. The participants were asked to write their answers to several cybersecurity related questions and the results of which will be included in theCONNECT2SEA report on cybersecurity roadmap.

More CONNECT2SEA activities were also hosted by DOST-ASTI’s knowledge management division such as the advisory board meeting, formally opened by Denis F. Villorente, Officer-In –Charge of DOST-ASTI, and the signing of Memorandum of Understanding between CONNECT2SEA and APAN, which was initiated and supported by the consortium members, DOST-ASTI, Inno TSD, and ATC.
Details of the activity can be seen on this link.
The 3rd newsletter of the project can also be downloaded here.