AW4RDIS conducts End-user Training

8 Jun 2023 11:20 AM

With the aim of automating and streamlining the research and development (R&D) workflows and processes within the Department of Science and Technology using the Business Process Management (BPM) tool, the Automated Workflow for Research and Development Information System (AW4RDIS) under DOST-Advanced Science and Technology’s Knowledge Management Division conducted a two-day end-user training for DOST-ASTI employees.

The training was designed to orient the attendees on the process of the developed and identified standard project phases from the submission, review, and approval of project proposals; creation and monitoring of various project reports; as well as submission of project completion forms. The training also highlighted how automating this process through a platform can substantially provide a perspective for better project performance monitoring to the DOST-ASTI management.

The two-day training was conducted with a series of orientation, lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on exercises that covered most of the platform walk-through, giving a more comprehensive overview of the different developed BPM applications, in turn creating an avenue for the end-users to give suggestions and comments geared towards platform optimization.

The training particularly covered three R&D phases: Project Proposal and Approval Phase, Project Monitoring Phase, and Project Completion Phase. The hybrid event was attended by DOST-ASTI employees, such as the project proponents, Division Chiefs, project managers/leaders, and planning officers, as well as representatives from the human resources, tech core, budget section, property, and accounting units.

While the primary focus of the project is to develop processes related to R&D, it is also open to streamlining and automating other internal processes, allowing for flexibility to digitize various types of processes.


Under DOST-ASTI is an initiative on automating and streamlining Research and Development (R&D) workflows and processes that is designed based on the Business Process Management (BPM) discipline and tool called the Automated Workflow for Research and Development Information System or AW4RDIS Project.

The project phases cover the end-to-end R&D project life cycle with a goal to continuously improve processes to aid the management and staff to effectively perform, manage, and monitor all projects of the Agency.