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1 Jan 2019 12:09 PM

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The end of the Marawi Siege was officially declared on October 2017 but the battle for healing continues. The DOST-ASTI supports the Bangon Marawi initiative in the implementation of programs for the rehabilitation of the city and for restoring the people’s way of life. Through the Philippine Earth Data Resource Observation (PEDRO) Center of DOST-ASTI, satellite images are provided to Bangon Marawi to assess and monitor the rebuilding. of affected areas in the city.




Joel Joseph S. Marciano, Jr., Ph.D.

Acting Director, DOST-ASTI

Welcome to the second issue of “ang Surian – Research Updates from the DOST-Advanced Science and Technology Institute (DOST-ASTI).  

Following the inaugural issue released in January 2019, this newsletter aims to continue the discourse on the ever-growing infrastructure of ICT, microelectronics, and space technology in the country. This publication delves on existing and freshly minted projects alike, with the objective of meeting our stakeholders and beneficiaries halfway on the discussion of research and development. Through photos, illustrations, and simplified narratives, this issue follows the footprint of our maiden issue in making our current advancements easier to digest for our rapidly expanding audience.  

This year’s issue features a wide spectrum of projects that our researchers at the DOST-ASTI have worked hard on. From the Gul.AI project, which opens opportunities in the field of crop science, to Project Katunog, which bridges the gap between local music culture and the new generation, to the SAR with AIS Project, which we consider a breakthrough in our terrestrial monitoring and maritime surveillance capabilities – among many others. 

With the combined efforts of our technical researchers and communications team, I believe that this year’s issue successfully narrated stories of our current developments through bits and pieces that do not just talk to the science community, but to every Filipino. It is an effort that we hope will speak volumes about who the DOST-ASTI is as a thought leader in the local science community. And with the disruption of digital media over the past few years, we are very lucky to bring you ang Surian in several accessible platforms – both in print and on screen. 

That said, our objectives for the newsletter remain the same: topen more inclusive yet elevated conversations on S&T, promote expanded collaborations that strengthen our innovation, and trigger the interest of the ordinary Filipino.  

I hope you enjoy reading through this year’s issue and continue supporting us in the next ones to come. 


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