DOST-ASTI Researchers address Sensor Data Utilization Inquiries for Kooha Mobile & Web App

13 Apr 2021 2:57 PM


During the app's official media launch last 30 March 2021, developers of the Kooha Mobile and Web application from the DOST-ASTI addressed some questions centering on utilization of the sensor data gathered through the app.

Kooha, mainly a photo-sharing app, responds to a different pain point as compared to other similar applications. "The goal is to create a social network of citizen science consisting of researchers and students, with the concept of sharing and mapping contribution of sensor data and making this a medium for researchers to generate data out of the contributions," says Roxanne Aviñante, Senior Science Research Specialist and Project Leader of the Kooha Project.

In order to do this, photos captured and shared via Kooha is embedded with data (sound level, light, motion acceleration, gravity, pressure, etc.) collected through built-in phone sensors on the user's device. These data can then be used to draw out insights and generate new knowledge that can be used across sectors. "The real time participatory data collection aspect will encourage them to take part in the scientific community. We can use this for research purposes or to infer the public's behavior or preferences for the purposes of improving public services. In general, the goal is to collect contributed data which can be used for applicable area/s of application such as tourism, education, policy making, among others," says Ms. Aviñante.

However, as Kooha is still a newly launched app, its userbase is still being established. "Eventually, if we can generate large amounts of data sets out of the contributions, we can actually use this data as input for data analysis for particular areas," says Ms. Aviñante. To fully maximize the potential of the app, Kooha will be heavily reliant on large data sets and a consistent contributor base before it can be used for large scale data analysis and diagnostic analytics.

In terms of commercialization, Kooha currently has a patent applied trademark and is looking for licensees who would like to adopt the technology. "We are looking into investors who are into Internet of Things, software applications, and other related technologies. The IP of the application is still with the government, but for Kooha to be fully utilized by the people, we want to partner with the industry in terms of opening it for potential business,” says Maria Irene Amatorio, Senior Science Research Specialist and Head of DOST-ASTI Technology Licensing Office.

Questions on the data privacy aspect of the application were also raised, as well as features on safekeeping the collected information through the app and ensuring accuracy of data shared within the community.

"We have an established privacy policy and terms of use wherein we provided sections for information collection and use, and how we share and retain personal information and security. Kooha does not disclose personal information, and the user also has the option to refuse supplying their information, other than the provision of their IP address. Of course, with the caveat of only accessing the Kooha app on a read-only basis,” says Ms. Aviñante.

Currently, the Kooha team is working on the development of a deletion and deactivation feature should the user wish to withdraw consent of processing any information provided within the app. Otherwise, records are anonymized and will only be shared with user consent. In the meantime, content monitoring will be done internally by the Kooha team to check for violations on existing guidelines. Additionally, the team is also working on reporting features which can be utilized by users to monitor and report potentially sensitive and fake data shared in the app. Updated community and guidelines and rules are also in the works to ensure a free and safe experience for users. These updated features are expected to be deployed within the first half of 2021.

The Kooha application is now available for download on the Google Play. You can also visit their website at or their Facebook page to know more about the application’s features and to subscribe for their latest updates. To view Kooha Web App’s live data, you can go through