DOST-ASTI opens new commercialization opportunities for stakeholders in Tech Transfer Webinar

6 Jul 2020 12:13 PM

On 29 June 2020, the DOST-ASTI Technology Licensing Office (TLO) organized a Technology Transfer Activity and Stakeholders’ Meeting via video conference, highlighting its new technologies ready for commercialization in 2020: 

Atty. Lucieden G. Raz, Project Officer V of the Technology Application and Promotions Institute (DOST-TAPI) opened the webinar by presenting the provisions of the Technology Licensing Agreement for prospective licensees. The DOST-TAPI, with its mandate to promote the commercialization of DOST technologies and market their services, has been working closely with the DOST-ASTI's TLO unit to ensure a seamless tech transfer and adoption process between the institute and its respective stakeholders. During the webinar, Atty. Raz was also able to address the participants’ concerns and inquiries regarding the legal provisions of the licensing process. 

This was followed by a series of presentations and discussions by the respective project managers from DOST-ASTIEngr. Roel M. de la Cruz who gave guests an overview of various DATOS outputs, specifically those for crop mapping and semantic segmentation of EO dataMs. Roxanne S. Aviñante who walked the participants through the functions of the Kooha app; Ms. Camille L. Larios who discussed the new and updated features of the ERP systemand Engr. Jericho C. Capito who talked about the functions of the different systems and advancements under the MASID Project. 

Participants consisted of representatives from the academe, other government agencies, and private institutions (target licensees and end-users). Potential Fairness Opinion Board secretariats from different regional DOST offices were also present during the event. Guests were able to have their inquiries and concerns addressed firsthand by DOST-ASTI personnel during an open forum held by the end of each presentation.  

This was followed by the presentation of the Technology Transfer and Business Opportunities and promotion of Private Stakeholder Meetings 

The last session, conducted by Ms. Maria Irene S. Amatorio of TLO, gave guests a quick run through of the unit’s functions, the summary of terms for commercialization, and licensee benefits and requirements. Joining Ms. Amatorio was Ms. Jocel Mae Hernandez and Ms. Hannah Crystel Villasin from the TLO unit, who co-moderated and organized the private webinar. 

The DOST-ASTI TLO regularly holds stakeholder meetings to present various business opportunities highlighting ASTI technologies that are ready for commercialization, licensing, and tech transfer. The unit also spearheads all Intellectual Property (IP) activities of the DOST-ASTI. From the identification and filing of its potential IP assets to their management and utilization, the TLO ensures that the outputs of DOST-ASTI’s research and development initiatives reach its stakeholders through commercialization.  

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