Project Gul.AI: Promoting AI Technology in Agriculture

7 Dec 2020 2:14 PM

Agriculture is one of the leading industries in the Philippines. Filipino researchers and agriculturists continue to develop and implement management strategies that can further improve the quality of agriculture in the country. Filipino farmers and agricultural product manufacturers have started taking advantage of R&D to generate bountiful yields, with improve quality and lesser losses.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) opened new opportunities in innovation, especially in the growth of agriculture in the Philippines. Through AI systems, useful data can be generated in order to monitor, analyze and optimize different factors, such as pests, water, soil, temperature and weather, which can affect the yield of the farmers.

The Gul.AI Project is an initiative proposed by DOST – Advanced Science and Technology Institute (DOST-ASTI), which combines the concept of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and agriculture, especially in the field of crop science. The Gul.AI system deploys plant box components capable of collecting data through onboard sensors. Collected data includes parameters such as water pH level, relative humidity, temperature, luminance, and live imaging of the monitored area. Architectural Diagram

These platforms transmit the data to an online web service, hosted by a high-performance computing facility, which analyzes the received information. Data analysis will involve the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and statistics to generate plant growth model.  In addition, the platforms can be remotely controlled and monitored via mobile application. The application will enable the users to profile experiments that will be conducted in every plant box.

The Gul.AI Project is one of the many initiatives of using AI technologies to improve the efficiency of country’s farming system. Through this advance method of managing agricultural farms, new generation of farmers will be encouraged to engage in agriculture. At the present, the Gul.AI system is geared to be implemented in Science High Schools (SHS) and agriculture and crop science department of universities.

The Research Team

Joanna G. Syjuco
Chief Science Research Specialist

Vanesa O. Osiana
Science Research Specialist II

Jeffrey A. Aborot
Senior Science Research Specialist

Michelle P. Neverida
Science Research Specialist I

Rother Jay B. Copino
Science Research Specialist I

John Kevin C. Abonita
Science Research Specialist I

Nico Brent SJ. Miguelino
Science Research Specialist I

Jul Jon R. General
Project Technical Assistant III

Genio Brylle C. Viernes
Project Technical Assistant III

Nia Bernise F. Fabay
Project Technical Assistant I

Raymond F. Florendo
Project Technical Assistant I

King Harold B. Sabado
Project Technical Assistant I

Patrick Lloyd B. Chavez
Project Technical Assistant I