Issue 1

11 Jan 2019 4:11 PM

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The end of the Marawi Siege was officially declared on October 2017 but the battle for healing continues. The DOST-ASTI supports the Bangon Marawi initiative in the implementation of programs for the rehabilitation of the city and for restoring the people’s way of life. Through the Philippine Earth Data Resource Observation (PEDRO) Center of DOST-ASTI, satellite images are provided to Bangon Marawi to assess and monitor the rebuilding. of affected areas in the city.




Joel Joseph S. Marciano, Jr., Ph.D.

Acting Director, DOST-ASTI

Welcome to the inaugural issue of “ang Surian – Research Updates from the DOST-Advanced Science and Technology Institute (DOST-ASTI)”. 

Amidst the current and future backdrop, foreground and preponderance of digitization, data, automation, social computing and the Internet, we offer this paper-based publication as a supplemental platform for engaging our stakeholders. Founded on a conscious and continuous attempt at differentiating how scientific R&D activities are conveyed and presented, ang Surian is far from your usual newsletter, however. 

Within these pages, our team of writers and researchers have collaborated to provide readers – millennials or otherwise – with concise, simple and relatable narratives of our research. Through engaging visuals accompanied by staid yet compelling write-ups, we want to train the focus and attention on the substance of our scientific activities. By keeping our articles succinct and by using (a lot of) pictures, we can also turn around editions more quickly. 

The goals of ang Surian are simple. Let me summarize them here:

Stimulate more inclusive discourse on science and technology while elevating the level of discussions at the same time

Promote meaningful, inter-disciplinary collaborations aimed at fostering innovations that create value for the country

Make S&T more inclusive by piquing the curiosity of the otherwise uninterested 

I sincerely hope you will enjoy the maiden edition of ang Surian and the future issues to come.

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