OpenStack Dashboard

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Users are provided with a dashboard that allows easy management of resources allocated to them. The COARE Science Cloud Dashboard is OpenStack’s web-based user interface that contains multiple tabs (Compute, Network, Object Store, Settings) which enables users to fully utilize the COARE Science Cloud service.

Science Cloud users are automatically part of a Project on OpenStack, a group of one or more users based on their organization, department, project, and/or research.


Compute tab

The Compute tab of the OpenStack Dashboard contains the following options:

  • Overview: View reports for the project.
  • Instances: View, launch, create a snapshot from, stop, pause, or reboot instances, or connect to them through VNC.
  • Volumes: View, create, edit, and delete volumes.
  • Images: View images and instance snapshots created by project users, plus any images that are publicly available. Create, edit, and delete images, and launch instances from images and snapshots.
  • Key Pairs: View, create, edit, import, and delete key pairs.
  • API Access: View services and service endpoints available to the user

Network tab

The Network tab of the OpenStack Dashboard contains the following options:

  • Network Topology: View the network topology.
  • Networks: Create and manage public and private networks.
  • Routers: Create and manage routers.
  • Firewalls: Create and manage firewalls
  • Security Groups: View, create, edit, and delete security groups and security group rules.
  • Load Balancers: Create and Manage load balancers
  • Floating IPs: Allocate an IP address to or release it from a project.

Object Store tab

The Object Store tab of the OpenStack Dashboard includes the following option:

  • Containers: Create and manage containers and objects.

Settings tab

The Settings tab of the OpenStack Dashboard includes the following options:

  • User Settings: View user’s settings
  • Change Password: Change user’s password.