Image Service (Glance)

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The Science Cloud’s image-as-a-service is implemented through Glance and enables support for CEPH/Swift backends, API, metadata, and qcow2/RAW format.

Managing all images

An image is a collection of files for a specific OS used to create or build a server. While OpenStack provides pre-built images, users can also create custom images or snapshots from servers that have been launched. Custom images can be used for data backups or as “gold” images for additional servers.

To start managing images on OpenStack, open the Compute tab and click the Images category under the Project tab.

Creating Images

  1. Click Create Image on the Images category
  2. Fill out the required fields:
    • Image Name - Name of the Image
    • File - Image to be uploaded on the system
    • Format - Image format of the file to be uploaded
    • Visibility - Accessibility of the image if shared to other users or not (public/private)
    • Protected - Ensure that only users with permissions can delete the image


  3. Click Create Image


  • Storage backend only supports raw and qcow2 images.
  • Image Metadata configures the metadata of the created image. This will be to the user’s preference on the outcome/behavior/specification of the instance environment.