Using the Data Catalog: End User

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Logging In

End Users can access the COARE Data Catalog by visiting this link: COARE Data Catalog.

  1. On the top-right corner of the page, click the User tab and click Login from the drop-down list will appear.


  2. Input your login credentials.


  3. You may now start downloading datasets once you are logged in.

Resetting Password

  1. To reset your password, click the Reset Password option.


  2. Enter your email address at the field provided and then click Submit.


  3. You will be sent an email with a link to reset your password.


  4. Input desired password then click Submit.


  5. After changing your password, you will be automatically redirected to the COARE Data Catalog login page.
  6. You may now start downloading datasets once you are logged in using your new password.

Downloading Datasets

  1. Click the Datasets tab in the upper portion of the page. The link will redirect to the Datasets page.


  2. You can also choose to use the search bar and utilize filters on the left to optimize your search. If you do not need to use the search engine, you may manually browse the available datasets listed on the page.


  3. View the description of a dataset or a sub-dataset by clicking View Resources.


  4. Once you click a dataset or a sub-dataset, you may now download its resources (i.e. the specific dataset files available for download). Click Download to proceed.


  5. Upon clicking your desired resources, you will be prompted to agree to a EULA set forth by the COARE and/or the data owner. Read the End User License Agreement (EULA) carefully, tick the I agree checkbox, and click Proceed if you agree with the EULA for the COARE Data Catalog.


  6. After agreeing to the EULA, you can now download Public datasets.
  7. To access and download Private datasets, click Request to initiate data access request.

    Note: There are different classifications of datasets. For Datasets tagged as Public, the download will immediately commence after you agree to the EULA. For Datasets tagged as Private, you must fill-out a Data Access Request Form that will automatically prompt prior to being able to download the resource.


    Upon submission of the Data Access Request Form, an email containing the data access request will be sent to the owner of the dataset (Data Owner). The approval of the Data Access Request is dependent on the Data Owner. While immediate approval of the request is not guaranteed, End Users should wait for an amenable amount of time for the Data Owner to approve the said request.


  8. Check email for updates on data access request

    Upon the Data Owner’s approval of the Data Access Request, you will receive an email notifying that the Data Access Request has been approved. Once the Data Access Request has been approved, you will have thirty (30) days (from the time of the approval of the Data Access Request) to download the requested resources from the time of the approval of the Data Access Request.