Using the Data Catalog: Data Owner

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The COARE aims to provide a platform for easy storage, analysis, and sharing of scientific data by offering the COARE Data Catalog. Data Owners can utilize the COARE Data Catalog to publish their datasets to contribute to collaborative research within the scientific community.

The following guidelines serve as reference for Data Owners in utilizing the COARE Data Catalog:

Publishing Datasets

  1. The COARE Data Catalog offers convenient ways to publish datasets. Before publishing datasets, Data Owners are required to set different levels of permission to their dataset based on the four (4) classifications of data in the Data Catalog. Please refer to the Data Owner's Manual to learn about these data classifications.
  2. As a Data Owner, you can upload datasets to the facility through the following methods:
    • File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Method: For the FTP server method, e-mail COARE at to request for access to the FTP server. Once your request has been approved, the COARE Team will give you access to the FTP server (hosted in the COARE). You can now directly upload your datasets.
    • Offline Transfer Method: Data Owners need to visit the COARE located at ASTI Bldg., C.P. Garcia Ave., U.P. Campus, Diliman, Quezon City. The Data Owner is required to bring the storage device containing the datasets prior to the visit. The COARE Team will then collect the storage device and directly upload the datasets to the FTP server.
    • Data Owners may also wish to send their datasets to the COARE via the Internet if their dataset is small enough in file size (less than 1 Gigabyte) and is transferrable without the requirement of an FTP server.

Reviewing Data Access Requests

  1. Data Owners will receive Data Access Request/s from Data Catalog End Users for their published datasets that are classified as Private or Internal. Data Owners can approve or reject the said Data Access
  2. While there is no enforced maximum length of time for Data Owners to approve or reject a Data Access Request, Data Owners are encouraged to exercise diligence in monitoring their email address to check for Data Access Requests that need review.
  3. Should Data Owners need assistance (e.g. because of difficulty in regularly checking e-mails or because of the possibility of becoming unreachable for a long period) in reviewing data access request forms, Data Owners are advised to allow the COARE Team assume the process of approving or denying Data Access Request/s on their behalf. Data Owners may e-mail the COARE Team at to request for this arrangement.

Updating Initial Data Classification Requests

  1. Data Owners may update the data classification of their datasets if they feel inclined to do so.
  2. Should Data Owners wish to update the initial data classification of their dataset, they may do so by sending an e-mail to
  3. Wait for a confirmation e-mail from the COARE regarding the update on your request.