Ticket Creation and Management

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The following section details how the COARE users can submit their service or support requests to the COARE Team through the COARE User Portal and how users can monitor the status of their logged tickets:

Creating a new ticket

Users must create a new ticket to log a service request or report an incident.

To create a new ticket, users can click the New Ticket option either on the Dashboard or on the left panel.

Monitoring ticket status

The COARE users can monitor the status of their tickets by checking the COARE User Portal’s left panel, which contains links to the Ongoing Tickets, Resolved Tickets, and Closed Tickets page.

A description of each ticket status is summarized in the table below:

Ticket statusDescription
NewTickets that are newly-logged and are yet to be assigned to a specific COARE Team member
AssignedOngoing tickets that are currently being resolved by the COARE Team within the committed timeframe based on the ticket's priority
PendingOngoing tickets are set to Pending when the clocking of the ticket's resolution time is temporarily stopped because additional information from user is needed to resolve the ticket
ResolvedTickets that have already been addressed by the COARE Team and are awaiting confirmation of resolution from the user
ClosedTickets that have already been resolved and resolution from the user's end has been confirmed by the COARE user. Closed tickets may not be re-opened.