Relevant concepts and terms

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  1. Impact: refers to the measure of the effect and criticality of a service request or an incident on processes. Impact is often based on how service levels will be affected. The COARE Team implements three (3) Impact levels: High, Medium, and Low. 
  2. Incident: an unplanned interruption to a COARE service or reduction in the quality of a COARE service. 
  3. Priority: refers to the category used to identify the relative importance of a service request, incident, or change. Priority is based on Impact and Urgency and is used to identify required times for actions to be taken.
  4. Service Request: a request from a user for information about, change in/to, or access to a COARE service.
  5. Ticket: refer to a log or documentation of a service request or an incident ticket through the COARE User Portal. 
  6. Urgency: a measure of how long it will be until a service request or incident has a significant impact on the organization. The COARE Team implements three (3) Levels of Urgency level: High, Medium, and Low.