Accessing the Portal

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Login Page

To access the Portal, users will have to login using the account credentials that they use in accessing COARE. Only COARE users (users whose accounts have not expired yet) are able to access the Portal and log their service and support requests.

If an “Invalid login credentials” prompt appears, you may have inputted the wrong credentials or your account has already expired. If you are unable to access the Portal, you may contact the COARE Team at for more assistance

If you need to reset your password, you may do so by using the Self-Service Reset Password.

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The COARE User Portal Dashboard shows the various options that the COARE users can select as they utilize the COARE service/s that they have availed. These options include how users can relay their service/support requests to the COARE Team via logging a service request or incident ticket, monitor the tickets that they have submitted, and view a list of resources that enables users to access various resources (e.g. policies, templates, forms, etc.) relevant to COARE and its users.

COARE User Portal Dashboard

New Ticket Page

The New Ticket page allows users to log a service request or an incident. Some of the possible service requests that users can submit are listed below:

HPC ServiceDescription
HPC account creation and managementCreation and management Ie.g. extension of account) of account
Increase in allocated resourcesRequest to increase initial/default allocation of HPC resources
Installation of programs/applicationsRequest for installation and compilation of the dependencies for programs or applications and testing installed/compiled programs or applications performance (if it's working or not and if it's optimized)
Job extension and adjustmentRequest for extension of job runtime and adjustments to job schedules
Login authentication via SSH keysRequest for provision of a secure remote login method by foregoing the use of a passphrase
Optimization of job scriptsRequest for optimization of resources by running the correct scripts
Other HPC-related service requestsOther COARE HPC service requests not listed
Science Cloud ServiceDescription
Modify user/s or user groups of a ProjectRequest for addition, removal, or any modification to the user/s or user group/s of a Project
Enrollment of VMs to the COARE's management toolsRequest to enroll instantiated virtual machines (VM) to the COARE's management tools for system monitoring
Increase in resources and quota limitsRequest for additional resources (CPU, disk, memory, public IP, etc) beyond the default/initial allocation and adjustments to currently-implemented quota limits
Snapshots of VMRequest to generate snapshots of virtual machines (for Cloud V1)
Provision of Cloud ProjectRequests for a new Project on OpenStack
Other Cloud-related service requestsOther Science Cloud service requests not listed above
Data Archiving ServiceDescription
Provision of data archiving resources through tape backupUnder the COARE’s Data Archiving service, users have the option to have their data taped for offsite or off-the-grid storage.
Publishing of datasetsRequest to publish dataset and enable access to datasets published in the COARE Data Catalog
Update of datasets' metadataRequest to submit updated metadata file to replace currently-indexed datasets
Revocation of dataset accessRequest to withdraw dataset access granted to a user or a number of users for published datasets
Change of dataset access levelUpdate initial dataset access level set to a published dataset
Removal of published datasetsRequest to remove datasets published in the COARE Data Catalog
Other Data Archiving-related requestsOther Data Archiving service requests not listed

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Ongoing Tickets Page

The Ongoing Tickets page displays the active service request and/or incident tickets that are currently being addressed/resolved by the COARE Team. Ongoing tickets may either be tagged as "Assigned" or "Pending". Tickets with "Assigned" status are forwarded to a specific COARE Team member and are currently being resolved within the committed timeframe based on the ticket's priority. If your ticket's status is "Pending", it means you need to submit additional information for your ticket to be resolved.

Resolved Tickets Page

The Resolved Tickets page displays tickets that have already been addressed by the COARE Team and are awaiting confirmation of resolution from the user.

Closed Tickets Page

The Closed Tickets page shows all the tickets that have already been resolved and issue resolution for these tickets has been confirmed by the COARE user. Closed tickets may not be re-opened.