User Account Application Process

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A Computing and Archiving Research Environment (COARE) account is needed to access and utilize the COARE Services. Those who wish to access and use the COARE Services need to submit a request, following the process below:


Submit a request for COARE access

To submit a request for COARE access, the requester should send an email to or providing a brief overview of the project or research.

COARE Account Requirements

The requester should accomplish the COARE Account Application. The application serves as the COARE Team's reference to evaluate a requester’s resources/ requirements as well as to acquire necessary information related to the application.

DOST-ASTI and the requester’s organization must execute an agreement. The agreement will serve as documentation and formalization for the collaboration.

Assessment of User Account Application

Upon submission of the accomplished COARE Account Application, the COARE Team will start evaluating the application. 

If the account application is approved, the COARE Team will proceed with endorsing the requester’s COARE account credentials. Otherwise, if the account application is not approved upon initial evaluation, the COARE Team will communicate this to the requester, along with the COARE Team’s recommendations on application adjustments or additional requirements. 

Once the requester has addressed the adjustments or requirements, the revised application will be evaluated again. 

Provision of COARE credentials

Following the approval of the application, the COARE Team will now proceed with creating the COARE account for the approved application request. After the creation of the COARE account, the COARE Team will email the user’s COARE account credentials and important instructions for first-time users. (It is recommended that users check their Junk/Spam folder regularly, in case emails from the COARE Team are redirected to this folder.)

Note: The creation of COARE accounts usually takes three (3) working days upon receipt of the request and submission of the complete requirements.