Account Renewal Application Process

Last modified by Administrator on Thu, 02/27/2020, 10:03 AM

Only users with active COARE account credentials can access and use the COARE and the COARE Services.

The COARE users who have expired user accounts but wish to access and use the COARE and the COARE Services again need to submit a request for COARE account renewal, following the process below:

Submit request for Account Renewal

To submit a request for renewal of their expired COARE account, users are to accomplish the COARE Account Renewal Form.

The COARE Team, through the COARE Service Desk, will acknowledge receipt of request for account renewal application within three (3) working hours.

Assessment of Application for Account Renewal

Upon submission of the accomplished COARE Account Renewal Form and other requirements, the COARE Team will start evaluating the application. The COARE Team’s evaluation will be based on the information submitted through the COARE Account Renewal Form.

If the account renewal application is approved, the COARE Team will proceed with endorsing the user’s COARE account credentials. Otherwise, if the account renewal application is not approved upon initial evaluation, the COARE Team will communicate this to the user, along with the COARE Team’s recommendations on application adjustments or additional requirements.

Once the user has addressed the adjustments/requirements as instructed by the COARE Team, the revised application will be evaluated again.

Renewal of COARE account and provision of account credentials

Following the approval of the request for account renewal, the COARE Team will proceed with renewing the validity of the expired COARE account. The COARE Team will then inform the user of successful renewal of the user’s account.

Renewal of the expired COARE account usually takes three (3) working days upon receipt of request and submission of complete requirements.