​​​​​​Service Level Agreement (SLA)

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The Computing and Archiving Research Environment (COARE) Service Level Agreement (SLA) formally outlines the agreement between the Department of Science and Technology's Advanced Science and Technology Institute (DOST-ASTI) and its stakeholders for the COARE’s service delivery of its standard services: High-Performance Computing (HPC), Science Cloud, and Data Archiving. The SLA states the DOST-ASTI's service level commitment in providing the COARE Services to the COARE users and the necessary measures to provide consistent support and delivery of the COARE Services to the COARE users.

The current version SLA contains the following provisions/information:

  1. Definition of significant terms
  2. Service and Resource Availability
  3. Service and Support Requests Acknowledgement Agreement
  4. Service Delivery Agreement
  5. Priority Levels
  6. Responsibilities of COARE users and the COARE Team
  7. SLA Effectivity and Exclusions

For a pdf copy of the COARE SLA, click here.