Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

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The COARE Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) ensures the fair and equitable use of COARE and the COARE Services. The COARE Team expects all COARE users to comply with the provisions stated in the AUP to prevent suspension/termination of access.

The current version (version 8.1) of the COARE AUP contains the following information/provisions:

  • Definition of significant terms
  • General Conditions of Use
  • COARE Acceptable Use Policy
  • Responsibilities of COARE users and COARE Team
  • Monitoring and Enforcement
  • Suspension of COARE Access and Termination of the Provision of COARE Services
  • Prohibited Use and Content
  • Penalties
  • Allowed runs on the HPC frontend

For a pdf copy of the COARE AUP, click here.