The COARE Privacy Policy is drafted to recognize the data subjects’ rights, provide procedures on how these rights can be exercised, and describe how the personal information of current and potential COARE users will be processed by the COARE Team in provisioning of COARE Services, providing user support, generating reports, maintaining COARE’s service availability, and continual service improvement.

The current version (version 3.1) of the COARE Privacy Policy contains the following provisions/information:

  • Definition of terms
  • Scope
  • Information Collected from Users
  • General Data Privacy Principles on the Processing of Personal Information 
  • Policies on Collection and Use, Storage and Retention
  • Policies on Deletion and Disposal
  • Policies on Disclosure and Sharing
  • Data Privacy Rights of COARE Users
  • Publication and Communication of Contact Details

For a pdf copy of the COARE Privacy Policy, click here.