Philippine-California Advanced Research Institutes - Institute for Health Innovation and Transnational Medicine (PCARI-IHITM)

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The PCARI-IHITM partners with the DOST-ASTI to utilize the latter’s S&T infrastructure to produce collaborative high-impact research on lung cancer.

To complement existing Philippine-based drug discovery programs, the PCARI-IHITM implements its project entitled “PCARI-IHITM 2017-18: Glycoproteomics of Filipino Lung Cancer Cell Lines For Biomarker Discovery And Anti-Cancer Screening of Natural Products”. This project’s long-term project goals include the following:

  • the creation of a lung cancer biobank of Filipino tissues and cell lines to be used for pre-clinical investigations
  • the development of a comprehensive national drug discovery program from natural products using validated extract screening methods for standardization;
  • the adoption of glycomics profiling technology from the Lebrilla Laboratory at UC Davis for discovering biomarkers in early-stage lung cancer; and
  • the development of an in silico platform for studying lung cancer network pathways.