Marine Genomics and Molecular Genetics Laboratory (MGML) of the Marine Science Institute (MSI)

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The UP Marine Science Institute’s Marine Genomics Molecular Genetics Laboratory (MGMGL) carries out research projects that are genomics-focused, genomics-driven, genomics-guided, and post-genomics-oriented. Of particular interest to the laboratory are applications of molecular genetics and genomics (i.e. structural and functional genomics, transcriptomics, and metagenomics) in marine drug discovery, aquaculture, and biodiversity research, especially those that promise significant positive impact on Philippine society.  

The DOST-ASTI, through COARE, provides the high-performance computing, cloud computing, and storage requirements of the MGMGL, in support of MGMGL’s efforts in undertaking interdisciplinary omics-enabled drug discovery programs and providing genomics and bioinformatics expertise to complement other disciplines.