As part of the COARE’s commitment to deliver quality service to its stakeholders, the COARE Team has integrated IT Service Management (ITSM) to its service delivery and operations. The COARE’s ITSM implementation is expected to ensure that the facility’s service delivery and operations will be compliant with the industry’s best practices. The COARE Team will be adapting the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) as its framework for its ITSM initiatives.

Knowledge Management, one of the ITSM processes under ITIL, ensures that the right information is delivered to the appropriate place or person, at the right time. One of the ways that COARE implements Knowledge Management is to setup the Service Knowledge Management System (SKMS), a platform intended to manage all knowledge and information relevant to the COARE and its users.


The Wiki contains information about COARE that will be relevant to the COARE users. Contents include information on COARE, the COARE Team, using the COARE Services (HPC, Science Cloud, Data Archiving), policies, agreements, the COARE Wiki user guide, and research collaborations.

To access the Wiki, click the Wiki application icon on the left panel of the COARE SKMS or click here.


The FAQ displays the frequently-asked questions involving COARE and its services. Answers to these queries also direct to the COARE Wiki for a more elaborate discussion on the concern.

To access the FAQ, click the FAQ application icon on the left panel of the COARE SKMS or click here.