The COARE Privacy Notice provides information on how personal information are processed as required by the provision of the COARE Services and describes how the COARE Team collects, uses, retains, and disposes the personal information of COARE users that have been processed. This Notice is a condensed version of a larger and more comprehensive document (COARE Privacy Policy) that elaborates on the COARE’s policies on data privacy. All of COARE’s policies on data privacy, including this Privacy Notice, adhere to the provisions outlined in the Data Privacy Act of 2012.

As required by COARE’s standard operating procedures on the provision of COARE Services, the COARE Team will be collecting the following personal information: 

  1. Your full name (Last name, Given name, Suffix) 
  2. Sex  
  3. Contact details (Primary e-mail address and alternate e-mail address/es) 
  4. Classification (e.g. Student, Researcher, Intern, etc.) 
  5. Affiliation/Organization (e.g. Affiliation/Organization Name, Affiliation/Organization Type, Affiliation/Organization’s address) 
  6. Research details (e.g. Title, Description, Field of Study) 
  7. Research type/funding (e.g. Government/academe-funded, thesis, etc.) 
  8. Research output (e.g. case study, journal, thesis, etc.) 

Other personal information not necessarily belonging to you (e.g. Name of immediate supervisor/thesis adviser/colleagues and their contact details) may be collected as well. All personal information will only be collected by the COARE Team using the following official platforms: official COARE e-mail addresses (,, COARE User PortalCOARE Data Catalog, COARE Website, and official forms. 

The COARE Team will be collecting your personal information for the legitimate purposes of provision of COARE Services, providing user support, maintaining COARE’s service availability, generating reports required by agencies, and improving COARE’s overall service delivery. All your personal information will be processed in compliance with the Data Privacy Act of 2012

If you have concerns with your personal information or with COARE’s data privacy policies, please contact the COARE Team.