Data Archiving

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The COARE Data Archiving service provides a repository with redundancy which aims to accommodate various storage requirements and offers multiple store options and large storage capacity for COARE users. This service is implemented through the Data Catalog and Tape Backup.

The Data Catalog is a web-based research repository that contains a collection of datasets produced from various research findings using the COARE's resources, as well as other bodies of data gathered and contributed by Data Catalog Data Owners. The repository is openly accessible to the public, and the datasets could be integral for academics, data analysts, scientists, and other scholars in the scientific community.


The Data Catalog is built with OpenStack Swift as its back-end storage and CKAN as its datasets metadata manager.

Another option for users in storing their long-term data is to have their data taped for offsite or off-the-grid storage.


While there is no default allocation set for the Data Archiving service, provision of resources will be based on the COARE Team's evaluation and recommendation.