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COARE Team Structure

The Computing and Archiving Research Environment (COARE) is a service offered by the Department of Science and Technology’s Advanced Science and Technology Institute (DOST-ASTI) to provide a platform for high-performance computing, storage, analysis, and sharing of scientific data.

The COARE Team is responsible for maintaining DOST-ASTI's COARE and for providing support to the COARE users. The team is comprised of four groups, each contributing to the COARE's operations: Project Management (PM), Technical Operations (Ops), Software Development (Dev), and Research and Development (R&D).

Project Management (PM)

The Project Management (PM) group provides support to maintain the COARE’s operations and services by overseeing all the project-management-related concerns involving COARE, monitoring the COARE Team’s service level commitment to its users, assuming the responsibility of being the point-of-contact between the COARE Team and the users, coordinating project-related activities and events, ensuring the facility’s compliance to the industry’s standards and best practices on service delivery, and generating relevant content and information concerning the facility. The PM group comprises COARE’s first level support (L1/Service Desk), project coordinators, technical writers, and communication staff.

Technical Operations (Ops)

The Technical Operations (Ops) group is mainly responsible for ensuring COARE’s operations and maintaining the COARE’s committed service availability by monitoring network and system performance, gathering significant data and information on the facility’s processes and operations, and conducting maintenance activities. The Ops group also provides second level (L2) and third level (L3) support in addressing service requests and resolving incidents logged by the COARE users.

Software Development (Dev)

The Software Development (Dev) group focuses mainly on defining and implementing application requirements, data structures, application solutions to contribute to the improvement of COARE’s operations and services. In collaboration with the other groups within the COARE Team, the Dev group ensures that the tools necessary to support COARE’s operations and to comply with COARE’s service level commitment to the COARE users are properly-deployed and regularly-maintained accordingly. The Dev group’s activities include coding, designing and building prototypes, and developing test plans and application guides for deployed applications integrated with the existing setup in COARE. In an ad-hoc capacity, the Dev group also deployed and currently handles the COARE Data Catalog.

Research and Development (R&D)

The Research and Development (R&D) group conducts studies to build energy-efficient solutions, to increase HPC performance productivity that could enhance user experience, and to generate computational models for various scientific applications that takes advantage of COARE. It is the group’s objective to produce research that will benefit not only the COARE users but other scientists and researchers as well. They work with the Dev group and Ops group by providing research-based insights and recommendations on data center environmental management strategies, capacity planning, and automation. The R&D group also aims to expand the COARE’s partnerships by increasing the COARE’s participation in various research consortia and exploring collaborations with other R&D groups from the industry.