Technology Transfer



This proposed project essentially targets to enable multiple data integration from ASTI-initiated projects and collaborative projects with other agencies that have high requirements for data storage and high-performance computing.



The Remote Sensing and Data Science (DATOS) Help Desk aims to produce and communicate relevant disaster information to agencies and key end-users to complement the current efforts of existing government agencies and initiatives



The DOST-ASTI is the registry for the .gov.ph domain. The .gov.ph domain is part of the Internet's global Domain Name System (DNS) and is used to register and uniquely identify Philippine government agencies at the national level.


PEDRO Center established a Satellite Ground Receiving Station (GRS) facility with direct access to a broad range of optical (high-resolution,multispectral) and radar (cloud penetrating, day-night-imaging) satellite data.



PREGINET is the only REN in the Philippines, which interconnects and catalyzes research among academic, government, and research institutions.

Technology Licensing Office

The Technology Licensing Office, or the TLO, is a unit in the DOST-Advanced Science and Technology Institute in charge with the commercialization, licensing, and technology transfer activities of the agency.