As a component of the DOE CY 2015-2017 Information System Strategic Plan (ISSP), the development of the DOE Online System Energy Collaboration and Cooperation (OSECC) intends to provide better services to clients, particularly at identifying the processes, data, and people involved that will determine the functionality of the system. It also aims to identify issues and concerns, and how these systems might offer streamlined DOE processes and provide efficient delivery of information, products and services to the group and clients. Included in this component is the creation of ER-1-94 Financial Management Information System (FMIS) to administer energy funds utilization management. The DOE-ER 1-94 FMIS is a web-based application that aims to streamline online administration and management of fund for projects under ER 1-94 program; provide better management of data/reports on the monitoring of entity’s compliance to the requirements; and facilitate online submission from data sources, secured access to financial data, and dynamic reports generation. Furthermore, it would enhance transparency in the area of government-administered energy funds utilization management.

Project Components:

1. Energy Data Center Management System (EDCMS)
2. Energy Efficiency Information System (EEIS)
3. Oil Products Web-based Information System (OPWIS)
4. ER-1-94 Financial Management Information System (FMIS)