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Japan's MAFFIN provides online hosting to a number of agriculture, forestry and fishery organizations in different countries. MAFFIN operates together with the Asia-Pacific Advanced Network (APAN) in order to replicate and disseminate data. MAFFIN provides funding and support for the connection of ASTI's PREGINET to the APAN link. Through this link, researches and education endeavours were facilitated including the crucial data in typhoon tracking and distance learning initiatives.

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APAN is non-profit international research and education network which aims to facilitate and coordinate the development, deployment, operation, and technology transfer of advanced network-based applications and services in the research and education community within the Asia-Pacific Region. ASTI, as the institution that manages the Philippine Research, Education and Government Information Network (PREGINET) or the National Research and Education Network (NREN) of the country, serves as its partner to formalize and strengthen its participation in APAN related activities. The partnership between the two was established in January 2004.


SEACOOP is an initiative supported by the European Commission and the ASEAN Secretariat and aims for strengthening S&T cooperation in ICT between Europe and Southeast Asia. ASTI is one of the partner institutions of this project from South East Asia that participates in consortium meetings, and cooperation events.


APNIC is an open, membership-based, and non-profit organization that registers and administers Internet Protocol (IP) addresses for South East Asia. It is in charged with the fair distribution and responsible management of IP addresses and related resources to support the operation of Internet globally. In order to address knowledge dissemination within the Philippines, it entered into a partnership with ASTI's training unit to deliver workshops which are deemed beneficial to ICT professionals who directly manages IP addresses, and other related ICT technical tasks.