The TEIN4 is a research and education network connecting Asia Pacific and Europe regions. It was formed to increase the participation of developing Asian countries, alongside advanced Asian nations, in collaborative research, education and health programs. It is the newest phase of TEIN that has been transferred to the TEIN*Cooperation Center (TEIN*CC).  PREGINET, the only research and education network in the Philippines being managed by ASTI, has a 155 Mbps direct connectivity to TEIN4, via Hongkong.


CONNECT-Asia is a UNESCO established initiative that works to create an effective and flexible mechanism for using ICT-mediated educational systems and network-enabled teaching and learning methods. This aims for broadening and enhancing people’s access to knowledge and information, sharing expertise and experience, improving connectivity among educators and researchers, opening up national/regional education and research communities to the international arena, and further developing human resources. PREGINET supports the aim of CONNECT in bridging the gaps of education through facilitating knowledge sharing and collaboration in the country by allowing Filipino researchers and educators to communicate with their peers locally and abroad.


The Asian Internet Interconnection Initiatives (AI3) Project is a Japanese-led research initiative that aims to develop cutting-edge technologies by supporting the development of various research initiatives of engineers and researchers.  It also facilitates the development of knowledge-based information infrastructure in the Asian region. ASTI became a partner of AI3 on August 1999 prior to the establishment of PREGINET and eventually established its earth station in 2000 by connecting to the AI3 network. 


JAXA is Japan's national aerospace agency and is responsible for the research, development, and launching of satellites. The collaboration was established between JAXA and ASTI when the Wideband Internetworking Engineering and Demonstration Satellite (WINDS)  was used to facilitate distance education, regional conferences, and lectures, as well as the development of e-learning materials for human resource development, information technology engineers and instructional designers. ASTI sometimes hosts teleconferencing sessions for Distance learning to deliver the objective of WINDS and JAXA.